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History of Mineral Rights

Remember before the 1860’s  there was no oil, gas or minerals found yet.  We want to give you a little history.  We will update this article, it is just a timeline start we want to include all important information for you, in an easy to read and understandable article. 1528 In 1528 some of the … Read more

Testimonio for Andrés Bautista Pereda and José Manuel Pereda, Testimonios and Copies

 Testimonio for Andrés Bautista Pereda and José Manuel Pereda, Testimonios and Copies, Box 135, Folder 10, Spanish Collection, Archives and Records Program, Texas General Land Office, Austin. Share on FacebookTweetFollow usSave

LAND GRANTS – Texas State Historical Assoc.

LAND GRANTS.The history of land grants in Texas is a long and complex one. The earliest grant was made by the Spanish crown to establish a mission and presidio in East Texas in 1716. In 1731 town lots in San Antonio de Béxar were granted to Canary Islanders, and by the mid-1700s larger livestock grants were … Read more

The “Blood Title” — the Story of a Spanish Land Grant in South Texas

curated from Historical documents are more than just the sum of their parts, ink and paper. They are imparted with a figurative sense of time gone by because of who has touched them, what they describe, and where they have been. In some cases though, documents are literally stained by history. One such document lies tucked … Read more