Guide to Spanish Land Grants Royalties

guide to the laws of the Texas Spanish land Grants

In this guide you will learn The history of the Mexican and Spanish Land Grant Heirs The laws that protect the land grant mineral rights and royalties History of the Texas Spanish and Mexican Land Grants History King of Spain (the sovereign) In 1519, the explorer Alonso Álvarez de Piñeda became the first European to map … Read more

1876 Constitution & Green v. Robinson The Relinquishment Act

spanish land grant heirs Texas

The 1876 Texas Constitution, because the Constitution actually supports the owners “the state released to the owner of the soil all mines and mineral substances therein” This constitutional provision had retrospective effect; the landowner was given complete ownership of the minerals in all lands that passed from the sovereign before the effective date of the Constitution of 1876. , and w

Mineral Law West of the Pecos

spanish land grant heirs Texas

Mineral Law West of the Pecosby the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M called “Mineral Law West of the Pecos,” (see copy below) written by Judon Fambrough, a lawyer who is with the Center. Judon has written much good stuff about land and mineral law in Texas, and this publication is no exception. (The Center has many … Read more



Private title to all land in Texas emanates from a grant by the sovereign of the soil (successively, Spain (the King), Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the state of Texas). Under the laws of Spain and Mexico, mines and their metals or minerals did not pass by the ordinary grant of the land without express … Read more

Mineral Rights

Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs Mineral Rights

Since 1876, it has been assumed that a grantee of land from the sovereign has received all minerals unless they are expressly reserved. Since 1895 substantial acreage of the public domain has been conveyed by the sovereign with retention of rights to the minerals. Under the Relinquishment Act of 1919, as subsequently amended, the surface … Read more