the Getty Agreement

the getty agreement oil & gas Texas

Pursuant to the Getty Compromise Settlement of 1986 (Case C-85-335, District Court of the United States for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi, known as the Getty Agreement) between Texas and thirty-one oil companies all royalties owed by these companies prior to September 1, 1980, were excused. Going forward if no owners were found … Read more



Private title to all land in Texas emanates from a grant by the sovereign of the soil (successively, Spain (the King), Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the state of Texas). Under the laws of Spain and Mexico, mines and their metals or minerals did not pass by the ordinary grant of the land without express … Read more

Mineral Rights

Texas Spanish Land Grant Heirs Mineral Rights

Since 1876, it has been assumed that a grantee of land from the sovereign has received all minerals unless they are expressly reserved. Since 1895 substantial acreage of the public domain has been conveyed by the sovereign with retention of rights to the minerals. Under the Relinquishment Act of 1919, as subsequently amended, the surface … Read more

One of our heirs on a quest to expose the corruption was found murdered shortly after…

DE Has it been decided, why are we here? Shapiro

Shapiro was an heir who testified before the corrupt commission that appointed by corrupt Rick Perry with members who were oil company lawyers and politicians on the oil companies payroll. Shortly after she took a quest to expose the people and she had uncovered some evidence that would expose not only the State of Texas … Read more

They Lost Their Land Through Murder and Theft

They Lost Their Land Through Murder and Theft

They Lost Their Land Through Murder and Theft PBS Special Report Aired: 09/20/19 During the early 1900s attorneys, land promoters and developers enticed Anglo newcomers to stake land claims and fence off land along the Texas-Mexico border. As land values and property taxes rose, many Mexican-American farmers lost their land through murder, theft or swindling, … Read more