Our own attorneys scammed us

EILEEN MCKENZIE FOWLER LA PORTE, TEXAS Scammed Spanish Land Grant Heirs Texas

EILEEN MCKENZIE FOWLER LA PORTE, TEXAS called her self in public appearances and news that she was a crusader and she was a convincing one at that. We were duped by her and scammed. She told over 15,000 legal heirs that she would help them be certified as legal descendants of the land they owned, most … Read more

Texas Oil Empire – Part 1 Railroad Commission Corruption

Oil Empire Texas Corruption

A KXAN Investigation Most Texans would be forgiven for not knowing what the state’s Railroad Commission does, or how the commission’s chair — Christi Craddick — and her politically prominent family earn money off hundreds of oil and natural gas leases checkered across the state — part of the same industry she was elected to … Read more

The story of American Tejanos land grants

spanish land grant heirs Texas

(There were 363 Spanish and Mexican established land grants in South Texas alone.) American Tejano historians consider the 1870s as one of most brutal and racially influenced times in the killings of innocent Mexican-Americans and Mexican citizens in A Texas General Land Office map from 1882. (Photo: R.J. Molina) Many American Tejano families’ descendants such as myself know and … Read more

Corruption, murder and oil and gas payoffs to keep royalties away from the heirs – Texas – IRLEAKS is looking for whistleblowers

political corruption Spanish land Grant O&G

IRLEAKS the sister to WikiLeaks but considered more journalistic with verified sources like Project Veritas has stated they are looking for whistleblowers. Below is part of their article from https://irleaks.com/content/corruption-murder-and-oil-and-gas-payoffs-to-keep-royalties-away-from-the-heirs-texas-any-whistleblowers/ Texas – everything is big and oil and gas was discovered there as in other states. Before it was discovered the land owners owned mineral … Read more

Example of a Land Grant: Salvador Vela Porcion 93, 94, 95, 90 – the South Texas Los Porciones Series

South Texas Los Porciones

The Voice of Change Network had started a series on the hundreds of Land Grants (Los Porciones) in Texas, it is uncomplete but this is one of the articles from https://voiceofchangenetwork.com/los-porciones/ Salvador Vela was born in 1717 in Cerralvo. He was married to Agueda Longoria Chapa and had 7 children. He was the original grantee of Porcion … Read more

History of Mineral Rights

spanish land grant heirs Texas

Remember before the 1860’s  there was no oil, gas or minerals found yet.  We want to give you a little history.  We will update this article, it is just a timeline start we want to include all important information for you, in an easy to read and understandable article. 1528 In 1528 some of the … Read more