Corruption, murder and oil and gas payoffs to keep royalties away from the heirs – Texas – IRLEAKS is looking for whistleblowers

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IRLEAKS the sister to WikiLeaks but considered more journalistic with verified sources like Project Veritas has stated they are looking for whistleblowers. Below is part of their article from Texas – everything is big and oil and gas was discovered there as in other states. Before it was discovered the land owners owned mineral … Read more

Example of a Land Grant: Salvador Vela Porcion 93, 94, 95, 90 – the South Texas Los Porciones Series

South Texas Los Porciones

The Voice of Change Network had started a series on the hundreds of Land Grants (Los Porciones) in Texas, it is uncomplete but this is one of the articles from Salvador Vela was born in 1717 in Cerralvo. He was married to Agueda Longoria Chapa and had 7 children. He was the original grantee of Porcion … Read more

History of Mineral Rights

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Remember before the 1860’s  there was no oil, gas or minerals found yet.  We want to give you a little history.  We will update this article, it is just a timeline start we want to include all important information for you, in an easy to read and understandable article. 1528 In 1528 some of the … Read more

Guide to Spanish Land Grants Royalties

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In this guide you will learn The history of the Mexican and Spanish Land Grant Heirs The laws that protect the land grant mineral rights and royalties History of the Texas Spanish and Mexican Land Grants History King of Spain (the sovereign) In 1519, the explorer Alonso Álvarez de Piñeda became the first European to map … Read more

1876 Constitution & Green v. Robinson The Relinquishment Act

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The 1876 Texas Constitution, because the Constitution actually supports the owners “the state released to the owner of the soil all mines and mineral substances therein” This constitutional provision had retrospective effect; the landowner was given complete ownership of the minerals in all lands that passed from the sovereign before the effective date of the Constitution of 1876. , and w

Mineral Law West of the Pecos

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Mineral Law West of the Pecosby the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M called “Mineral Law West of the Pecos,” (see copy below) written by Judon Fambrough, a lawyer who is with the Center. Judon has written much good stuff about land and mineral law in Texas, and this publication is no exception. (The Center has many … Read more